Clear bad vibes, negative energy, entities, hitchhikers- while protected. Pull out the thorn. Replacing the extraction with love light is emphasized.  This should be as ordinary a procedure in our lives as brushing our teeth. Now, all these negative influences can be removed and you can be brought into a more positive state of being in just one session.


Blessing and Clearing of Spaces

You are moving into a new space or your loved one just passed away. There are many reasons to clearing your space to create a sacred container. We will do this for you and teach you how to continue to maintain your sacred space. Our offering includes:

  • Clearing of all unwanted/negative energies from your work/living space
  • Cleansing of energies present
  • Affirmation and/or reaffirmation of the intent or purpose of the space
  • Blessing of the space and persons occupying it
  • Energetic alignment of the space to serve you at the optimal level
  • Working with crystals and energy fields to protect and maintain your sacred space